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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another reason to love Keith Olbermann

So former McCain adviser Mike Murphy was on MSNBC during the Democratic Convention and baselessly claimed that Hillary Clinton actually supported John McCain. Chris Matthews challenged Murphy's claim, but Keith Olbermann had the guts to do the right thing: he said it was time to take Murphy off the air ("Let's wrap him up"). And now it appears that Murphy won't be on MSNBC again.

I'm sure there are some on the right who think this is censorship. It's not. It's being responsible. Murphy had no basis for making his claim, but had plenty of reason to make it up just to stir the pot, and MSNBC does not have an obligation to air that kind of right wing propaganda. In fact, it has an obligation to keep it off the air.

So kudos to Keith O. And more importantly, as the right wing starts to put pressure on him, hopefully he knows that we've got his back.

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