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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For AFL-CIO in Ohio, McCain's Campaign Manager Is the Target

Marc Ambinder

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis's lobbying on behalf of the DHL shipping company is the focus of a sharp new pamhplet that the AFL-CIO has mailed to 100,000 union households in Ohio.

The card's two pages describes McCain's connection to the decision to allow DHL, "a German-owned" company, to buy Airborne Express, which employs 8,000 Ohioans in the city of Wilmington. Those jobs could be lossed in the merger. Davis's firm lobbied for DHL at the time. The AFL-CIO alleges that McCain "could have stopped the deal.

Last week, Obama campaign chief David Plouffe promised that voters in Ohio would hear a lot about the DHL deal this fall. McCain's campaign promptly accused him of playing politics with people's jobs, although it's unclear what else a campaign manager could do.

The AFL-CIO is also urging labor union members in Ohio to call McCain's Ohio headquarters and demand Davis's firing.

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