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Friday, August 29, 2008

Pakin, Game Changer? ..........No, just Desperation

My take, McCain's VP pick is reactive and living example of a the campaign in the throws of day to day desperation of facing a lost. John what happen to putting country first?

Sarah Palin, Who is she
  1. 44-year-old first-term governor
  2. Mother of 5
  3. Compelling personal story
  4. Attractive woman
  5. She's blunt and outspoken.
  6. Limited political experience
  7. No foreign policy experience whatsoever
  8. Zero name recognition
  9. Record on climate change is certainly impressive
  10. Faces an ethical investigation of her own
  1. A huge-attention-getting pick
  2. The cable press is talking about the VP choice, not Obama's piece.
  3. Rush Limbaugh likes her
  4. She's not from Washington
  5. Elected in 2006 as a reformer
  1. Less experience then Obama
  2. Palin has not been exposed to the rigors of national politics
  3. Palin does not know McCain well
  4. She will be forced to bone up on everything and forced to debate Joe Biden
  5. The accusations that McCain chose her because she's a woman
  6. Disagreements with McCain on some issues, including gay rights

What does this say about the state of John McCain campaign

  1. McCain has decided he cannot win without Clinton Democrats, and this is his attempt to win them over
  2. He has decided that he cannot win on the experience card, so he is trying to pick the change card.

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