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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Plouffe: McCain's DHL Deal A Critical Moment Of Campaign

Barack Obama's presidential campaign claimed that the general election had reached a critical turning point this past week after it was revealed that John McCain and his campaign manager had helped facilitate a merger that could result in the loss of thousands of jobs in Ohio.

The McCain campaign has unveiled a new message today, amplifying their theme about Obama's life being "grand": When Obama talks about job losses, he's just exploiting the working class -- and they've rolled out a working-class supporter to make that very case.

On a conference call just now with reporters, held in response to an Obama radio ad in Ohio tying McCain and Rick Davis to local job losses, an area resident who supports McCain lambasted Obama for running the ad.

"Shame, shame on Barack Obama for making us and putting us in this sort of position to look like the sad little Wilmington people," said Mary Houghtaling, a local McCain supporter. Houghtaling later added, "He should be helping us, not harming us. He makes us look foolish, it's not right."

Obama, however, is and has been actually trying to do something to help those trapped in this situation. A little over a week ago, he called for the Bush Administration to take action against the deal in question.

Meanwhile, the McCain people have another radio ad out, set to air in "key states," essentially a radio version of their "grand" TV ad.

Late Update: Here's the audio of the McCain campaign's conference call:

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