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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poll: Obama Holding Narrow Lead In Key Swing State Of Colorado

A new survey of Colorado by Public Policy Polling (D) shows Barack Obama's lead holding steady in this Western swing state, a historically Republican area that Barack Obama is making a major play for thanks to its own Democratic shift in recent years.

The numbers: Obama 48%, McCain 44%, with a margin of error of ±3.2%. This is essentially unchanged from the 47%-43% lead that Obama had in PPP's last poll from a month ago. The internals show the two candidates tied at 47% each among male voters, and Obama taking the lead thanks to a 49%-42% edge with women.

Also, the poll gives Dem candidate Mark Udall a 47%-41% lead over Republican Bob Schaffer in this state's open Senate race, in which the two candidates are competing to succeed retiring GOPer Wayne Allard.

If John McCain can't hold on to Colorado, which has only voted Dem once in the last 40 years, the road suddenly looks steep for him: Unless he can pick up a Kerry state to balance it out, he'd need to sweep Florida, Ohio and Virginia, plus take either Iowa or New Mexico -- and Obama has been well ahead in recent polls for those last two.

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