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Friday, August 01, 2008

Shoe in Mouth: Better a Hole in the Head?

By Al Giordano

The late Illinois governor, US ambassador to the United Nations and two-time Democratic nominee for president Adlai Stevenson was captured in a photograph with a hole in his shoe, which became very much a part of his national image. "Better a hole in the shoe than a hole in the head," he replied.

It's an enduring part of his legacy. There's even a statue of it:

Enter John McCain in 2008, who, according to a very entertaining diary by an eagle-eyed Isabel Wilkinson on the Huffington Post, doesn't have a hole... in his $520 dollar pair of imported Ferragano Ferragamo loafers.

You can't make this stuff up:

I'm one who believes that small details like that can have more impact on public perceptions and opinions than policy position papers or press conferences.

I mean, what kind of a person wears $520 shoes?

Update: A contrasting photo from our ever-alert and unparalleled cast of Field Hands in the comments section...

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