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Monday, August 18, 2008

Something TO Brighten Up Your Monday Afternoon

Barack Obama is a total water baby. He couldn't go to Hawaii and not catch him some sun and surf. Hallelujah. Don't let those paparazzi keep you from having your fun! You've got nothing to hide but fit and thinness.

This beats pictures of Bush cutting brush on his palatial ranch in Crawford, TX. Did you know George is abandoning Crawford and moving to Dallas when he leaves office? Poor Dallas. What did it ever do to anyone ... besides unlawfully prosecute tons of people that the DA is trying to clean up now?

That said, this looks much better than John Kerry windsurfing, primarily because Barack is fit enough to go shirtless and secondly, his body is largely concealed by water. Thirdly, he isn't doing anything in the ocean most folks can't do if they know how to swim. Look at him go!

And now to meet some potential voters. Even while on vacation.

Visiting the spot where he scatter his mother's ashes

Barack tossed a lei to his mom into the ocean.

Daddy Obama, daughters and friends get a sweet treat

"What?" said the editor. "Obama's eating shaved ice and wearing flip flops, you say? STOP THE PRESSES!"

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