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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today's LOL

Cbs News Hillary's Body-Language Showed She Didn't Really Endorse Obama

We're going to be digging into examples today of media figures desperate to find some way, any way, of arguing that Hillary's speech yesterday was in fact a tacit non-endorsement of Obama.

And here's a doozy of the first order. CBS News actually called up body-language experts and got them to say that her gestures "belied" her strongly-voiced support for the Illinois Senator. Said one expert...

"One of the things that you see is she has very limited hand gestures. And we look for hand gestures to tell us what's important. So, when we see them out, when we see them up, this is significant. And we saw them just a few times last night, but not enough. This was not an impassioned speech."

Breaking: Secret footage reveals Hillary delivered non-endorsement by blinking it in morse code!

Just awful.

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