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Saturday, August 09, 2008

The truth about John McCain

This week John McCain's campaign hit new lows with their attacks and distortions.

And all too often, the so-called "referees" in the news media are spending a lot of time repeating his false attacks and very little time holding him accountable.

Here's the latest:

* Just last week, McCain and his party attacked Barack Obama and ridiculed the idea that keeping your car tires inflated is an effective way to improve fuel efficiency and keep down the cost of gasoline. They even mailed out tire gauges as a joke. The thing is, the experts all agreed with Barack. Everyone from AAA to NASCAR has issued statements saying that keeping your tires inflated is a good idea. McCain finally had to face reality this week and reverse his position. But John McCain was not taken to task for this kind of petty, misguided stunt. Instead, the media had a good laugh and ignored his effort to distort the truth to win a few cheap political points.

* Earlier this week, the McCain campaign put out an ad saying that Washington is broken. It's gotten a lot of press so far, but what it failed to mention is that John McCain spent the last 26 years in Washington -- failing to fix this broken system. He portrays himself as a so-called "maverick" but doesn't want people to know that he has voted 95% of the time in support of George Bush's policies.

* Another ad uses scare tactics to claim Barack's tax policy will hurt middle class Americans. Press coverage of the ad repeated McCain's smears, but omitted the fact that Barack's economic plan will cut taxes for 95% of American families. Not to mention that McCain's upper class tax cut plan leaves out more than 100 million middle class families.

The media may not be informing the public very well, but we don't have to sit back and wait for them to start telling the truth about John McCain.

Barack was in Indiana the other day, where he called John McCain out on issues like this. Watch the video and sign up to join thousands of fellow supporters on the Obama Action Wire:

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