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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who Will Be Barack Obama's V.P. Nominee?

Tim Kaine | Bio
The Virginia governor is included in just about every short list that has appeared in recent weeks and Obama is scheduled to be in the Old Dominion just around the time an announcement is expected. Kaine appears to have a good personal relationship with Obama but his relative lack of experience has dampened the buzz just a little on this potential choice.

Kaine profoundly "gets" the "change Washington" thrust of Obama's message and platform.

Tim Kaine in action, four days after Tsunami Tuesday, one year after he endorsed Obama, urging the voters of his own state to back him in that vitally important Virginia primary

Joe Biden | Bio
Russia's invasion of Georgia has spurred a boom of speculation around the Delaware senator and veteran of the Foreign Affairs Committee. His abrupt trip to the war-torn country raised eyebrows at a crucial time when Biden's type of global experience suddenly seems to be at a premium. But would this pick do anything to reinforce Obama's desire to change politics in Washington?

Evan Bayh | Bio
The Indiana Senator by all accounts remains high on Obama's list and seems to combine many of the qualities the presumptive nominee is most looking for - foreign affairs, executive experience and swing-state appeal. His early support for the Iraq War remains a potential problem for the party's base but not enough of one to knock him out of the top spot.

Kathleen Sebelius | Bio
Having slipped down the list in recent weeks, the Kansas governor's name has slowly slipped back toward the top. It's where any successful state executive from middle America should be but a lack of foreign policy heft might hurt her chances. And what would those Clinton supporters think?

Bill Richardson| Bio
The New Mexico governor had been out of the mix but his name pops up more and more often. His potential to help Obama among the key Latino voting bloc and in a key state could keep Richardson in the mix until the end of the process.

Chuck Hagel | Bio
The Republican senator from Nebraska has been one of the most often mentioned candidates throughout the summer and his presence on Obama's trip to Iraq and Afghanistan didn't do anything to dampen that speculation. But Hagel's recent declaration that he will not endorse a presidential candidate should be a signal that this pick is unlikely.

Chris Dodd | Bio
The former presidential candidate has admitted being vetted to some extent and brings a wide array of experience to the conversation. After more than 30 years on the Hill, Dodd would fit an "elder statesman" role and he raised his profile among the party's rank-and-file during his long-shot presidential bid. But was it enough to propel him to a number 2 slot?

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