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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fred and Jeri Thompson, Not Entirely First Class

A star-spangled Fred Thompson, the former presidential candidate, and his wife, Jeri, flew back from St. Paul to Washington today -- he in first class, she in coach; he in a red, white and blue top hat, she hatless.

Nothing says 'convention' like a huge, American top hat.

Thompson, who spoke Tuesday night at the GOP convention, was spotted at the gate of his Northwest flight in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport wearing a "huge" American flag-themed top hat, according a reliable Sleuth informant who took the same flight. You know the hat, the kind you often seen on the floor at political conventions -- like this one.

The actor and former Republican senator from Tennessee was "goofing around" at the gate in his hat, then reading the paper as wife Jeri chatted up Fox News host Greta Van Sustern.

Why did Fred fly first class while the wife flew coach? Mrs. Thompson apparently had to change her return flight at the last minute and the airline didn't have an available seat in first class.

Others on the packed flight to Washington's Reagan National airport saw Thompson stroll back to the common folks' cabin during the flight. He commented that his wife had more leg room back there that he did in first class. (Jeri sat in seat 16E, which is a bulk head seat, and does have lots of leg room.)

Maybe he'll be a gent and give his wife the first-class seat next time.

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