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Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain's surrogates today all howled that Obama called McCain a fish

As I reported last night, the McCain campaign is hopping mad that they think Barack Obama called McCain "a fish." Obama didn't, of course, since, well, people don't call each other fishes in America. It doesn't make any sense. Perhaps they did use "fish" as a slur in, say, 1920s America - I have no idea - but today, it just doesn't make any sense. But, there you had them today, all over the news, John McCain's new "truth squad" fishing out - oh sorry - fleshing out the details of this rather fishy story.

I really wish the Obama campaign had jumped on this and had fun with it. Can you imagine Obama going off in front of a crowd about how - get this - John McCain is angry that I called him a fish! People would howl. The DNC could add a page to their Web site - guess what kind of fish John McCain is. We could make signs "Fish for Obama." It would make people question John McCain's honesty, his sanity, and it would be one big joke, all at John McCain's expense. It would also shut down the sexism argument once and for all, because the entire thing would be laughable. Jed put together a great video, above, but I'd still like to see the professional Democrats take advantage of some of these opportunities McCain hands us, and throw them back in his face, like a cold wet fish.

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