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Monday, September 22, 2008

Nevada: virtual dead heat

Nevada has voted Republican in eight of the last 10 presidential elections, dating back
to 1968. Suffolk University Poll Shows Nevada Voters Blaming GOP for Wall Street Meltdown.

John McCain (45.8 percent) and Barack Obama (45.3 percent) are in a virtual dead heat, with
McCain leading by the slightest of margins among likely voters in the state
of Nevada, according to a poll released today by Suffolk University.

Respondents said they trust Obama more than McCain, 46 percent to 45 percent.
This contrasts sharply to the 49 percent - 41 percent trust
advantage that McCain enjoyed in a Suffolk University Ohio poll a week ago.

Obama showed other strengths in the poll. More respondents believe
Obama (40 percent) understands and cares about their problems. McCain (23
percent) and Sarah Palin (18 percent) trailed, with Joe Biden receiving
only 6 percent.

A small but significant number of voters said they support third-party
candidates, with Libertarian Bob Barr the choice of 1 percent of voters

polled and independent Ralph Nader, 2 percent.

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