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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABC Tells Viewers Not To Watch Obama's Half-Hour Special Tomorrow Night

ABC, which is the only one of the networks that won't air Barack Obama's unusual 30-minute special during prime-time tomorrow, has taken a bit of a swipe at Obama and told its viewers not to watch Obama's appearance.

A source sends over some video he took of an ABC ad that the network has now aired for its program "Pushing Daisies," which airs tomorrow night at 8:00 P.M., the same time as Obama's special. The ad urges viewers to ignore the other networks' programming at that time:

"Wednesday, America, you have a choice," ABC's ad says. "Get political with the other networks, or enjoy the Emmy-winning drama full of surprising revelations: ABC's `Pushing Daisies."

At the mention of getting "political with the other networks" someone intercedes with an expression of disgust: "Please."

ABC lost its chance to air Obama's special tomorrow because it delayed too long in answering the Obama campaign's request to buy the air time.

As swipes go, it's a pretty light-hearted one. But telling viewers dismissively not to watch one of the the two candidates make his case less than a week before the election seems like a pretty dodgy place for a network to go.

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