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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Get out and vote"

Vote for Change

Early voting in Georgia started almost one month ago on September 22. Thousands of voters have already cast their ballots in the Peach State. One in particular, Ann Nixon Cooper, is worth mentioning. Ann is 106 years old.

CNN recently interviewed Ann and has a great video below on her life experiences. Born in 1902, Ann has seen women receive the right to vote. She remembers when she was not allowed to vote because she was African American.

This fall she went to the Fulton County government center and voted for Barack Obama. She knows that this is a historic election and can't wait to see the results come in on election night. Ann tells anyone who will listen to "get out and vote."

If you live in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, or Ann's home state of Georgia, everyday between now and November 4 is election day. Take Ann's advice and get out and vote today.

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