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Friday, October 31, 2008

Shut your mouth

McCain key foreign policy advisor and former Secretary of State Larry Eagleburger appeared on NPR yesterday and offered this surprising little bit of straight talk about Sarah Palin.

NPR: "Are you entirely comfortable with Sarah Palin as the Vice President of the United States? That she would be ready to take over in a crisis if she should, e called up to do so."

Eagleburger: "That's a very good question. I'm being facetious here. Look, I don't.. Of course not. I don't think at the moment she's prepared to take over the reigns of the presidency.

Update: GOP reprogramming: Eaglebuger now says he loves Palin

Seems the GOP Ministry of Truth got ahold of Lawrence Eagleburger today and promptly cured him of his temporary insanity yesterday in dismissing Sarah Palin's qualifications:

Eagleburger: You are witnessing something quite unique -- a man who's about to talk to you while he has his foot in his mouth. I made a serious mistake yesterday. I was quoted correctly. I wasn't thinking when I said it -- in fact, I was discussing foreign policy, and this was in that context. And I was just plain stupid. And if I have given the flim-flam artist Barack Obama some success with this, I am deeply apologetic. I did not intend it.

In fact, if you look at this carefully, on the question of experience for example, Sarah Palin has been a governor, she has executive ability, she knows energy issues. Now you tell me what Barack Obama has ever done in the way of executive business, doing anything in the executive field. He has been in the Senate for some two years and he has been there half of the time and seldom votes on issues.

I'm sorry, I made a terrible mistake.

Wonder what technique they used. Waterboarding, perhaps?

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