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Monday, October 20, 2008

Snapshot: Campagin Talk

Campaign Temperature:

  • McCain Camp Goes After Powell: What Does He Know?
  • CBS' Schieffer: Powell "Saying Aloud What A Lot Of Republicans...Saying Privately"
  • McCain Has $47 Million For October... Bloomberg: Obama Has $500 Million...
  • Obama: 'Race Will Tighten'...
  • McCain: "Things Are Heading Our Way"...
  • Chuck Todd: " At this point, McCain appears to be "conceding the popular vote" in order to pursue victory through the Electoral College"......"older voters could be the crucial demographic in the election's endgame,...."That's how this thing becomes, from a close Electoral College battle to a landslide."

Campaign Tone:

  • McCain Robocalls Have Parents Concerned For Their Kids
  • Angry Woman Yells "Socialist, socialist, socialist -- get out of here!" At Obama During Visit To North Carolina Diner
  • McCain Aide: 'Real Virginia' backs McCain
  • Limbaugh: Powell backed Obama due to race
  • ACORN hit with threats
Campaign Strategy
  • Obama, Sen. Clinton and Gov. Richardson 'Flooding' Florida Beginning With Tampa Visit

Campaign Endorsements:
  • Obama leads McCain 105-33 in newspaper endorsements
  • CNN's Zakaria: I'll vote for Obama
  • Google CEO to endorse Obama

Campaign Misstep's
  • New McCain Mailer Puts Palin On Top Of The Ticket

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