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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Landslide Alert:

I have been predicting an Obama landslide since February 2008 now if this post does not convince you all I can say you have been hanging out with Rick Davis to long. –PM

Geraldine Ferraro talked to NOW about a range of issues, including her support for Sen. Barack Obama. During the primaries, Ferraro--who was the Democratic candidate for vice president in 1984--supported Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Note: These are edited selects from NOW's conversation with Geraldine Ferraro.

On Barack Obama

I don't know him that well. I've never met him. [In picking Joe Biden] it seemed to me that not only is he smart, but he also knows where he could use help. And he's ready to pull that help in and share that power of the White House.

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