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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Remember Why You Must Vote Today

Winston-Salem, NC vlogger antioch1432, "The Great Black Vote." On YouTube he writes why he made this video.

I made this video for African-Americans in my church community. A lot of these people either wouldn't vote, or had no interest. Even with a black candidate running they were uninspired. So, I wanted to show the struggles blacks have gone through for this moment to transpire. I'm sorry if it offends some, but we can't deny the past. But we can definitely learn from it, and make it a positive use of our future!

Sent to me by a reader, she wrote how upon watching the compilation she cried. What do you think of the piece and the creator's intent? Also, what do you think of his use of this beautiful Sam Cooke song released in 1963 and came to be a symbol of the Civil Rights Movement? A song I actually prefer over Marvin Gaye's iconic "What's Going On?"

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