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Thursday, November 06, 2008

So How Many People Voted For Obama?

When I went to sleep this morning, the scoreboard read 62.5 million. Now it reads 63.7 million.

I was about to open up a spreadsheet to figure out how many votes are left to be counted, but I decided to stop by Nate's place first to see if he'd already done the work.

He didn't disappoint. According to his analysis, there are another 1.8 million votes left to be tallied for Obama, which would bring his final total to 65.5 million or so. (Which would still be the most a president had ever received.)

McCain, for his part, has about 1.3 million votes left to be tallied, which would bring his total up to about 57.6 million.

Overall, that means turnout will be up by about 2% over 2004 levels. But the real story is that while the Democratic vote will have increased by a bit over 10% from 2004, the Republican turnout will have dropped by about 7%.

Meanwhile, on a percentage basis, 78% of the nation's counties voted more Democratic than they did in 2004.

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