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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hillary Is Not Barack

By Priscilla

Two nights ago, as usual, I was engaged in one of my nightly rituals of talking with my hubby about the highlights of the Democratic primary campaign. As I laid out my understanding that Hillary knows she is not in a battle with Obama but with the Democratic Party itself.

With full knowledge, she stands with her feet planted shoulder length apart and eggs on her party colleagues while on at least three separate occasions, taking her most vicious swipes, saying, “I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002." Understanding that Obama is not her target, just an obstacle. For Hillary, this is a winning strategy. She is in essence blackmailing the party into giving her the nomination without earning it though the rigors of the primary.

Hillary believes that she has earned the nomination through every scar inflicted on her as the women behind the man. Hillary is tough without a doubt, and those on the inside know all to well her capacity to do damage. For the old line voting Dems who have been waiting to be lead out of the desert of Republican rule for eight long years, her tactics are a breath of fresh air…”SHE’S THE ONE THEY HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR”… a “Princess Warrior”. She is more like Cheney and Rove and my only question is who will play her Bush.

Hillary is telling the party she will hand over the election to McCain if it makes the wrong choice. If you think this might hurt her image I say to you that through identity transference she has taken on the blended persona of Cheney/Rove. If by some act of divine intervention (The Democratic Party gets a backbone) Obama should get the nomination, Hillary has made sure the she has secured her advantage by propping up McCain as her successor. What advantage you ask? She didn’t fail, it was just those damn liberals wanting to relieve their guilt and supported Obama and they will get what they deserve: another Republican administration.

Hillary and McCain are two peas in a pod. He might give her a cabinet post so she can play with the big boys, but she is banking on the fact that he won’t seek a second term.

The mainstream media has bought her game with a wink and a nod,. All she had to do was to attack them and they went running to dine on Obama. She is so skilled that she has Obama support fighting over whether he should go negative or worst, believing he lost the nomination. If Obama goes negative she beats him with identity transference.

Obama has not lost this game, he has failed to build one component of his campaign. As leader, educator and change agent he has gives us the vision, he recruited a army to roll up their sleeves and create community, block by block, town by town and state by state, and our new task is to learn how to collectively take down Obama’s first special interest group, Hillary and Bill Clinton.

If Obama is going to take on the special interest on the healthcare front, redistributing wealth, social security, meeting with our enemies and all those congress folks that are petrified of change, he need us to engage not only to send money, man phone banks, converse our neighbors, but we have to build the mechanism that champion the cause. We need to build a process for a transparent media. It is more then fair that Hillary ask questions about Barack’s readiness and he should respond, but the media should review each candidate’s readiness. Hillary’s attacks on Barack’s readiness and experience should be our catalyst for change, those who support a different kind of politics, have to say enough is enough. By joining together we can create a drumbeat, a new message by challenging the media to be fair in its coverage.

We have to build a chorus that embodies our “yes we can” spirit with truth and fairness. With every repulsive act Hillary’s camp throws out we need to point out the differnts in how Barrack responds to her distortions of the facts.

Wednesday morning I turned everything off, I did not read the papers, blogs, or watch cable news for 24 hours. I lived in silence. When I returned
Thursday I notice a change in the blog-o-sphere. Bloggers picked up the mantel and started speaking the truth. Thank you. We’ve been here before. Hillary’s camp and supporters are now threatening the media in the same way as her models Cheney and Rove. We need to stop picking on them and start to help them, give them cover to do their job. If you have a media connection, call them and feed them your research (Hillary is not) then publish their work on your blog,. Get your community to call/email their bosses and tell them what great patriots they are. If we work it right we can even get Chris Mathews to walk the straight and narrow. I don’t have to tell you what’s a stake and if we want to change our politics we need to change the media. If you think for one minute that Hillary will give up any executive powers that Bash has acquired then I have a bridge to sell you.

I know everyone has heard a speech or two that Barack has delivered but I heard him say something in Brooklyn, back in August 2007, that I have not heard him say since, “ There is a Training Camp Obama saying: Don’t go around admiring Obama, Don’t go around talking about Obama, You need to “be” Obama…You need to be the leader”. Some of us enjoy numbers, some of us like sharing history, some of us like raising hell; some of us like to make observations. If we want a new kind of politics we need to fight for it.

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