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Monday, May 12, 2008

UPDATED: Obama's Adds FOUR Super To His Delegate Count

Delegate Countdown - 150 To Go

√Idaho Superdelegate Keith Roark endorses Barack Obama

√ Hawaii Sen. Akaka endorses Obama

√ Super-delegate and Congressman Tom Allen of Maine just announced that he's backing Barack Obama.

√ Another Hawaii is for Obama, its a DNC member Dolly Strazar

Update: With most of the delegates from Tuesday's primaries in North Carolina and Indiana counted, the damage for Hillary Clinton has shrunk. On Wednesday, it appeared that Barack Obama was on track for a 15-delegate pickup, with a 17-delegate lead in North Carolina and a two-delegate deficit in Indiana. Now, it appears his 14-point victory in North Carolina will award him 65 pledged delegates to Hillary Clinton's 50 while Clinton's two-point win in Indiana will give her 38 pledged delegates to Obama's 34. That's a net gain of 11.

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