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Monday, May 12, 2008

Obama's General Election is underway

  1. Obama is going to campaign in Missouri later this week and Michigan -- Macomb County -- on Wednesday. He will not be on television to be able to explain his significant (expected) loss tomorrow night; he'll give Clinton the courtesy of saying whatever she wants to say.
  2. Barack Obama will make his first visit to Michigan since pledging not to campaign there after it scheduled a primary in violation of national party rules and also is moving 12 full-time staffers into the state, a clear indication he plans to fight to hold onto the state in a general election campaign.
  3. Obama is working very hard on the Jewish front, Obama gives a fascinating interview to Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic.
  4. Obama says he will figure out a way to seat Florida and Michigan Delegates
  5. Obama will also be in Florida May 21-23 for fundraising

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