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Monday, September 01, 2008

Issues And Answers: Palin Pick Perfect For Purple Polities?

Marc Ambinder

he's just had a baby. Can she be a full-time campaigner?

Tough question. The McCain campaign would say "Would you ask that question if she were a man?" And I'd say, "you answer my question first, and then I'll answer yours." And the McCain campaign would say: "It's a sexist question." And I'd say: "You're answering the argument, not the question. " And they'd say: "You're just against her because she an evangelical Christian and you secular media types can't stand a feminist who isn't a liberal." And I'd say: "What were we talking about again?"

Forget about the pieties. It's a legit question, one that'll be on the minds of many mothers and fathers who struggle to balance work and family life, and given the rigors of a presidential campaign and the extreme rigors of being the vice president, it's one that Palin herself will probably find a way to answer down the line.


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