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Monday, September 01, 2008

Josh Is On The Case #2

November 2006: Sarah Palin elected Governor of Alaska.

February 29, 2008: Frank Bailey placed a call to the State Troopers office pressing to have Mike Wooten, Palin's former brother-in-law and a state trooper fired. The call is recorded by the state troopers office. Listen here.

July 11, 2008: Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan fired from his position.

July 19, 2008: Walt Monegan came forward to say he'd been pressured to fire Palin's former brother in law, a state trooper, but had refused. He believed that this led to his dismissal. Anchorage Daily News reports:

Former Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan on Friday said that since Gov. Sarah Palin took office, members of her administration and family pressured him to fire a Palmer Alaska State Trooper to whom her sister was involved in a bitter child custody battle.

July 29, 2008: Palin denied Monegan's accusation and a legislative council appointed a special commission to probe the matter.

Alaska legislators on Monday voted to spend up to $100,000 to investigate Gov. Sarah Palin's controversial firing of former state Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan.

August 13, 2008: Palin held a press conference to say that Frank Bailey, Palin's director of boards and commissions, had called a state troopers office to inquire about having Wooten fired. Although the call had been taped, Palin distanced herself from Bailey's actions saying he had acted alone.

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